Estimates are provided exclusively for the use of the client for the specific purpose of consigning property to Libreria Emiliana.

Except for the Free Estimate, offered on a single property for each client, we are available to estimate any type of work or collection, reserving a 2% of the estimate value as fee for the evaluation.

Fees for estimates made under court's demand will be agreed each time.

We won't accept any request of remote valuation, as all estimates are subject to physical examination of the property.

Shipping / insurance charges will be at the expense on the customer.


We are interested in acquiring old books from the fifteenth to the nineteenth centuries, copies of first editions of the twentieth century and first Italian translations of great classics of the literature.

We are not interested in purchasing school books, encyclopedias, legislative collections, used books.

Our offer will be based on important aspects including: rarity of the property, state of conservation and Antiques Market demand.


We invite you to submit your list of properties you would like to sell (specifying author, title and date of printing). We only consider items with a price indication.

You can contact us by phone or e-mail, we will answer as soon as possible.